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To create meaningful employment opportunities for PhDs, allowing PhDs to use their unique skillset, and to give all businesses access to the best minds to fuel innovation.
We want to ensure there is a competitive wage opportunity within the North American region. We are actively looking to expand globally, and we are researching how to accomplish this on an equitable wage basis.
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Yes. It is very important to us and our business clients that our members are valid PhD graduates. We require members of the fGM community to upload proof of their PhD, including University Transcripts and Postgraduate Diploma. Additionally our Community Relations team audits members' credentials by contacting universities from which they graduated. Our Terms of Service give us the right to remove any member of the fGM community if they have fraudulently provided false information.
University transcripts, Postgraduate diploma, Conferral letter, Dissertation
IQ Points are a point system that are used to improve your ranking with businesses looking for candidates with your unique skills. You can acquire IQ Points by the following activities:
  • Complete your profile. This is essential to finding work on
  • Accepting jobs. Since the purpose of is to make freelancers available to businesses, the more jobs you accept the more appealing you are to businesses.
  • Freelancer ranking. When you have completed a job, businesses fill out a survey on your work. This can positively and negatively impact your IQ Points.
  • Invite friends and colleagues to join. This demonstrates to potential businesses that you are well connected.
When a business clicks ‘I need a great mind’, they list their project needs and our fGM matching system immediately presents them with fGM community members that match their skill and thinking style requirements. The more information you include in your profile, the more criteria is available for our fGM Matching System to identify you as a recommended candidate. IQ Points also help your profile rise to the top where you are a good match.
The Basadur Innovation Profile is a scientifically validated tool designed to describe individual methods of problem solving. It reveals HOW individuals solve problems, not their problem solving ability, nor is it a personality profile tool. The Basadur Innovation Profile is a tool designed to help you use self-awareness, empathy and insight to solve problems and work better with clients, and has helped over 600 leading organizations and over 150,000 individuals understand their thinking style.
When you accept a work offer, you enter into a work agreement with the business client. The work agreement defines the payment amount and terms. The business client immediately transfers funds to escrow to secure the project. As you complete project milestones, the business release funds, which are paid directly to you minus our fee.
The client has hired you to perform work for them and they own the complete work product, including Intellectual Property Rights.
We will have some exciting announcements about the fGM community coming soon, and will post more details soon.
If you believe that a review from a business client for your services is unfair, you can contact our Community Relations Team at, who may mediate for you.