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Our Story

It started with a simple idea … to make it easy for businesses to connect, collaborate and innovate with the greatest minds. Have you ever thought, "What would our company be like if the greatest minds came to work with us to solve this problem, innovate this product, drive this efficiency or take this idea to the next level"? Welcome to find GREATMINDS.

We have made it easy to find the right great mind to work on your specific need!

An opportunity

A national broadcaster ran a feature program on how much talent was being underutilized in the business world. Specifically, the program talked about the tremendous talent of so many PHD’s who are finding themselves underemployed or not challenged enough in their current academic or business careers. 

Our idea was to create a place where these great minds could work for you!

A Solution

At the same time as PHD’s are looking to contribute their talents, millions of businesses are being challenged to compete unlike at any time in history. We launched find great minds as a solution to both of these dynamic issues. 

Our site finds the right PHD to match your specific project and to make it easy for them to work with you … seamlessly.

Our Vision

To fuel innovation by connecting businesses with the very best minds!

Our Advisors

Dr. Min Basadur

PhD Organizational Behaviour and President of Basadur Applied Creativity

Dr. Andrew Maxwell

PhD Management of Technology and CIO at Canadian Innovation Centre and at Leighton Maxwell Inc, and Prof Entrepreneurial Engineering (LSE)

Dr. Teresa Rivenes

EdD Educational Leadership and Administration and Dean of Instruction at Rogue Community College

Dr. Henry Wisniewski

PhD Sociology and Retired Prof Sociology/ Anthropology, and Human Resources Director

Dr. Michael Goldsby

PhD Strategic Management and Business Ethics and Chief Entrepreneurship at Ball State University